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₺50.00 Ex Tax: ₺50.00

Personal Care Products - High Quality Products From Home

Get the best personal care products within Istanbul with Amys. We bring to you the premium selection of personal care products that enhance your hygiene and are easy on the pocket. Our range of shampoos and conditioner nurture your tresses. We also house baby shampoos for your little ones giving their locks are silky, shiny locks.

Our hair care range features hair oil blends that give your hair the care it deserves. With hair masks, serums and other hair care products, you are meant to give your hair the shine, thickness and volume that it needs.

Body care Essentials For All

Get your favorite soap, shower gel, moisturizer, body lotion and more from our dedicated range of body care products. Handpicked carefully, these products will make you feel like home. Similarly, our oral care range features mouth wash, brushes, toothpaste and more to ensure the wellbeing of your gums and teeth.

Lastly, smell fresh and entice the people around you with our premium scents. Our perfumes and body sprays are from some of the finest brands to give your personality an edge. So why wait? Place your orders with us and have these personal care grocery essentials delivered with convenience at your doorstep.

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