Oil & Ghee



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₺45.00 Ex Tax: ₺45.00



₺45.00 Ex Tax: ₺45.00



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Oil & Ghee

Amy’s Istanbul – Oil and Ghee Items for your everyday needs

Cooking without a hearty spell of oil and ghee in Asian households is an absolute bummer. We understand this at Amys Istanbul, and thus have house the finest brands from India and Pakistan of oil and ghee that add flavour to your homecooked meals.

At Amy’s we take pride in bridging the gap between Indo-Pak subcontinent. Our range of oils feature sunflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, cooking oil and more to give you the best possible choices. Our bansapati ghee and asli ghee are also laden with good fats that help you and your loved ones grow stronger and sharper.

Endless possibilities, best groceries

We also understand that need for lush, thick tresses. Therefore, we bring top quality hair oil products to give your locks the nourishment they deserve.  So why wait? Place your orders with us today and have your stock for oil and ghee delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Istanbul. Moreover, for those who desire an in-store experience can drop by at our brick and mortar store to shop your desired grocery articles at the best possible prices.

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