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Amy’s Istanbul Medical Care - Your Health at Your Convenience

Shop your desired over the counter medicines from Amy’s Istanbul. We bring to you a carefully picked selection of medical care items that will keep you fit and active. Our over the counter medicines or medical products are safely procured from India and Pakistan to keep you all in the best of health.

Medicines That Have An Affect

We bring to you the popular Arq e Ghulab essential to keep your eyes hydrated and enhance your vision. Our Dettol antibacterial is multipurpose ensuring your hygiene making it a staple in all households. Clear your throat and feel rejuvenated with our Joshanda. Similarly, our herbal care products include blood purifiers, vicks to clear your chest, toot siah, suduri, iodex and more ensuring your best health.

So why wait? Place your order of medicines with Amys Istanbul today and have your medical care items delivered with love from your homeland conveniently anywhere in Istanbul. We believe in offering the best products that make your shopping experience extreme;y nostalgic. Our goals is to bridge the gap between India, Pakistan and Turkey. Get the best prices in Istanbul with Amys. With us, you get quality and comfort.

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