Lentils & Grains



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Lentils & Grains

Lentils And Grains Online - Premium Quality At The Best Possible Prices

Shopping wholesome goodness just got a lot easier with Amys. We bring to you the finest brands from Pakistan and India for all your lentils and grains products. Our lentils and grains online section feature the best quality nuts and seeds, wheat and flour, corn flour, beans, pulses, grains and rice.

Quality and Comfort Guaranteed

At Amys, we stock the top rice brands online that are meant to enhance the taste, and presentation of your meals. Be it basmati rice that are a favorite amongst the Asian household, or Sela rice that add the oomph factor to your biryani, we have it all. Our nuts and seeds are not just the perfect condiment to your sweet and savory treats, but great for snacking. Our flour selection will keep you longing for one hot roti each time. Lastly, our pulses, beans and grains are handpicked to give you the same taste you’ve been longing for.

So why wait? Place your orders for the premium Pakistani and Indian lentils and grains and have the, delivered anywhere in Istanbul. We also offer a convenient in store shopping experience for all those who enjoy going physically to the mart. With us, your satisfaction is all that matters. 

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