Food Staples



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Food Staples

Amys Istanbul – Food Staples Products For Your Kitchen

Get ready to embrace the taste of Indo Pak subcontinent in Turkey with Amys Istanbul. We bring to you the finest selection of food staples that add to the favor profile of your everyday meals.  At Amy’s we understand that Turkey is gradually becoming the new favorite spot for Asian tourists, students and expats. Therefore, our range of ready to cook meals will help you savor that taste back at home.

We house the finest of sauces and paste to give your food the aroma and taste it lacks. From ginger garlic paste, chutneys, pickles, to marinades, we have got it all. Our food staples products add the right amount of zing to your meals. Moreover, our spaghetti and pasta range features flavors that were once a dream.

Delicious meals always

In a hurry, well no problem! Our best canned products are ideal for those who are always short on time. Quick, easy and fresh, we vouch to make your mealtime wholesome. Order from Amys right away and get the best variety of soup and stock that enhances your appetite and tastes decadent.

Place your orders with us and get the best value for money. Our amazing selection and on par customer service have made us the preferred choice of locals and tourists within Istanbul. 

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